What's Possible When Love Leads?

A nine part interview series,
that was created to speak to and honour
the power of following our hearts and our dreams
even when... 

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In listening you will access a beautiful balance
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in these unprecedented times.

In conversational style, we discuss and hold witness 
to the powers of love and of trust we have
discovered, harnessed and learnt from,
in following our own dreams
and hearts' wishes.





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Transform with Knowledge & Love

Scientific Hand Analysis
– Linda Salazar 



The Adventure & The Richness of Life

Living a childhood dream with Travel freelance writing
– Miriam Blaker




 Wisdom Through Intuition

Honoring your wisdom found in stillness & silence
– Salem Islas-Madlo




 One Small Thing At a Time

Helping our planet through regular easy changes
– Tiffany Bond




A Willingness to Heal

Honoring both our body’s wisdom & our creativity when healing
– Molly Murray




The Power of Our Voices

Allowing our inner creativity & voice, expression
– Alyssa Herzinger




Freeing Ourselves Into More

Releasing blocks and healing the inner, to free our outer world
– Kristie Hammond




 A Lifelong Journey of Unity

Building CommUNITY & Uniting through health, wisdom & inspiration
– Jasmine Healy-Pagán 




Growing his Dream Audio Business 

Resilience & determination in face of setbacks
- Jarryd Strecker



#WhenLoveLeads Interviews - FAQ’s

How long are replays available?
For now, replays will remain open and available


Can I listen on any device?
Yes. Interviews are audio only.


Do speakers have special offers? 
Yes speakers did have special offers.
Some of  the Special Offers remain open through August.
- Please Note -
Special Offers are ONLY still available
they are still LISTED on the replay page of that person.
This will change over time. 


How long is each interview?

Each recording is approximately 1 hour in length



Thank you for your Presence _/ll\_


We hope you enjoy these powerful conversations
as much as we’ve enjoyed recording them xo




About Our Participants + Testimonials

Linda Salazar

Linda Salazar is the founder of Your Peace Is In Your Hands.
She is a Spiritual Growth and Relationship Coach, Scientific Hand Analyst, speaker and author.
For over 20 years she has been helping clients live with inner peace, break free of their emotional roller-coaster and create a life of courage and relationships that work both personally and professionally.


I've been in therapy for a year and only last week did we start exploring the very things about myself that Linda told me about in one hour without ever talking to me. That's unbelievable. I wish I had known about her a year ago. It would have saved me so much time and money!
- Leslie S. 

Miriam Blaker

Miriam is a wonder lusting woman, passionate about life and about exploring the world around her. Having always loved writing and photography, today she’s combining her passions and living her dreams as a freelance travel writer. 
As well as contributing regularly to leading Australian travel magazines she also has her own column and website.


I came across Miriam’s blog a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. She is one of those writers that manages to captivate and inspire with every word.
When she writes about destinations I feel like I am there, experiencing it with her. 
I honestly look forward to every post and blog. Thank you for always inspiring me Miriam.
- Cath Webb - Free to Wonder


Salem Islas-Madlo

Salem is a Xicana poet, writer, educator, speaker, and coach whose story bridges a divide between two different worlds leading down a path into a deep wild wholeness. She has the sacred honor and privilege to draw from a rich, indigenous heritage.
Salem is an intuitive and Creative Life Coach at Deep Wild Coaching and she supports women to trust the gift of their presence so they open to their own innate wisdom and creative power.


Salem was an answer to a prayer. Working with her took me deeper, delving into life’s liminal spaces in a way that was equally cherished and systematic. 
I feel so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with this Goddess.

- Chanda Rule, Singer, Storyteller

Tiffany Bond

Tiffany is an inspiring  & dedicated conservationist with a deep focus on keeping our earth and oceans clean. 
She regularly spends time cleaning up our beautiful beaches & other public areas.
Tiffany shares a regular messages, posts and pictures to bring awareness to the extent of littering and rubbish that is
left behind making its way into our oceans and waterways.
She advocates in encouraging ways for more sustainable living habits and encourages the power of taking small actions and achieving small steps forwards, with our everyday habits. 

- Vivienne Hunter

Molly Murray

Molly Murray is a multi-passionate transformation coach who helps creative individuals discover the dynamic power of healing.
She brings her experience in holistic healing, personal development and creativity to help people who are feeling stuck in the cycle of trauma make the leap from victim to victor. 


A source of limitless hope.
- Jacqueline

Molly shares the struggle and grace to recapture hope, beauty, and herself.
-  Paul


Alyssa Herzinger

Alyssa is a multi-passionate transformation coach, who helps intuitive women transform their lives and discover the power of their voices through creativity, movement, and magic! She brings together many elements from her professional, personal and spiritual experiences, to create a uniquely creative, supportive, and holistic approach to personal development.

Hands down one of the very best writing workshops I have ever attended – miles above many of the writing workshops I’ve encountered in many of the top conferences for a much higher price. She opened a new world for me and gave me practices I now incorporate in every writing session. 
- M.M.

Kristie Hammond

Kristie is a skilled intuitive energy healer who also offers guidance through coaching.

Kristie has a particular expertise in seeing where a client has blocks to what they truly desire, and provides guidance and energetic support in becoming free from the limiting effects that these blocks create in her clients life.

"Could not recommend Kristie and what she does enough. She is so warm. I have done a few sessions with her and the change in my emotional and physical state I have is unreal. She is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and genuinely wants to help people.
- Tynelle Edgerton

Jasmine Healy-Pagán

Jasmine has been a prolific creator her whole life and is known for her enthusiasm and commitment to helping people lead radiant lives. 
Over the past 15 years, Jasmine’s work has been commUNITY based under her business umbrella of Sundalah. With a passion for uniting people via health, wisdom & inspiration, Jasmine's work rotates between teaching wellness classes for all ages, organising events, providing a monthly community newsletter, a local wellness directory and an annual magazine.
Jasmine’s community event efforts also founded, supported and sponsored the NFP organisation Yoga Tools For Schools Inc.,  
Jasmine is currently involved in various mental health initiatives and is the creator of R.E.S.E.T for Youth, a free community program for teens aged 11-17yrs.


The Sundalah Community that Jasmine has created is truly nurturing and inclusive. I love being involved with the events that happen throughout the year. 
- RF


Jarryd Strecker

Jarryd has been playing music for most of his life. His love for music led him to study and obtain a Bachelor in audio engineering and sound production in 2018, with the plan to then create his audio business..  Despite unexpected events delaying Jarryd in his goal until early this year, he has now begun his business and is on his way with steady growth..


Jarryd has done a wonderful job of all the audio editing for this series. A very big task, as we had recorded wonderful powerful conversations yet the sound was poor due to my recording equipment.  Jarryds' positive "can do" attitude has been such a blessing to work with & when I learnt he also has an inspiring story around following his dream and growing his audio business as he had dreamed of, despite setbacks and life detours it became an obvious choice to invite him to join our series also.
- Vivienne Hunter

Series Hosted by - Vivienne Hunter

I am honoured to have hosted and co-created this wonderful series of conversations for your inspiration, encouragement and enjoyment.
I feel it's 
particularly timely with so much outside of us right now, that is out of control and in chaos. 
In such times, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from our deep innate wisdom and even from ourselves and each other. 
As we listen, we remember the power of unity, of serving in heart led ways. We are reminded of our own inner knowing and open to our ability to be connected, supported and supportive.
We see it's possible to thrive even after hardest of times.

I deeply believe anything and everything is possible when love leads, however, to consistently lead with love, we must first find and return to a space of peace and love within ourselves.
When that is expanded globally, I feel anything is possible if enough of us, lead with love and hold that space for an eventual peaceful co-existence of humanity as a whole.
We are now at such a vital point of change worldwide, with an unprecedented opportunity to unite and consciously create a world of peace, inclusion, equity, fairness, justice, unity and safety.
Personally feeling a deep desire to contribute in ways that are unifying, collaborative, inclusive, supportive and inspiring, I was led to reach out with this idea.
Now I have had the utter joy of recording 9 beautiful conversations with these 9 wonderful people.
We talked deeply about how allowing love to lead while following a deep knowing from within, has shaped their paths and lives. We hear how this allowed each to come to know the voice of love within themselves as the connection to their own hearts and spirits developed and grew with deeper and deeper trust.

I love the joy and possibilities shared by those who are living their dreams.
I love the beautiful wisdom that is shared.
I love the encouragement of hearing how others moved through challenging times, the inspiration of knowing no matter what is happening beyond us, we have a beautiful guidance system of our hearts and spirits, within, always there, always on our side and leading us forward perfectly, even in the hardest of times.   
This series offers you all the above with a new, unplugged, uplifting and easy listening conversation each day.
Please Enjoy.
With Blessings and Love, Vivienne xo

*****   I wish to note for full transparency, as I know it matters; I am an advocate of inclusivity, equality, justice and equity and in the creation of this show, the participants, myself included, are mainly white women. This is due only to who chose to accept the invitation to join, as people of all genders and colour were invited to join. Along with seven white women, one woman of colour, (our beautiful Salem who is deeply connected to and proud of her
indigenous heritage of Yaqui lineage entwined with Germanic/Spanish European roots as a Mexican-American) and one man accepted the invitation. *****
Every person is welcomed and honoured here.

Vivienne Hunter
Transformational Coach,
Meditations & Mindfulness 
Speaker Writer Poet

Owner Founder
Life As You Choose It
Qld. Australia
ABN: 56375020800