A nine part interview series created to encourage
& inspire, heart focused choices & living. 
We discuss & honour, the power of following
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Jarryd Strecker- Replay

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Jarryd is the go-to audio guy and has always loved sound
and the huge role that audio plays in everything 
including music, movies and games.
Jarryd has played music throughout most of his life and enjoyed writing songs
and playing in bands throughout his teens and early 20’s. 
That experience led him to want to get on the other side of music and into production.
Jarryd’s a very  creative type and loves to help other people reach their creative potential. 
His desire was to not only self record his own music, but to also help, up and coming bands along the way.  

To achieve his dream Jarryd studied, gained his Bachelor in Audio Engineering and Sound Production
and is a qualified Audio Engineer.

After delays and setbacks, Jarryd has recently created a fully equipped home recording studio
and is now operating a growing audio business from there.

With huge parts of the world in lockdown and life changing at light speed,
the digital world is becoming more essential and relevant than ever.

If you are doing any online work, run a podcast, are a singer or a band
then Jarryd can help you maximise the quality of your recording
wherever you are in the world.

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Testimonial for Jarryd

The whole creation of this series, as far as the production, audio and tech site parts
has been a huge learning curve and completely new to me.
Not knowing better, I began recording interviews, not realising my equipment was
of such poor quality that the wonderful interviews I'd recorded
sounded terrible from the distortions created from my unsuitable equipment.

Jarryd has done a wonderful job with all the audio editing for this series.

It was a huge task as the wonderful powerful conversations recorded,
could not have been shared as they were. There are some small distortions still,
however  the original was so bad it's truly an amazing job
that Jarryd could restore the quality as much as he has.  

Jarryds' positive "can do" attitude has been such a blessing to work with. 
He is a motivated self starter & when I learnt he also has an inspiring story
around following his dream and growing his audio business as he had dreamed of,
despite setbacks and life detours
it became an obvious choice to invite him to join our series also.

I've chosen to write Jarryds' testimonial myself
as I do highly recommend his work to anyone and will in fact, 
continue to use his expertise ongoing, as I need it.  
- Vivienne Hunter - Series Host



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