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Jasmine Healy-Pagán - Replay

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Jasmine has been a prolific creator her whole life & is known
for her enthusiasm & commitment to helping people lead radiant lives.

In 1995, Jasmine left Australia solo with a one-way ticket and this was when her intuition became the navigator of her life. As a visionary and entrepreneur since her teens, Jasmine has created personal work pathways and businesses in Australia and the USA.


As a teacher in many settings for more than 25 years, Jasmine encourages growth, change and connection to fuel positive pathways. In 1996, Jasmine discovered the powerful personal development system known as Yoga while she was living and working in Manhattan. Jasmine’s ongoing training and experience extends to sharing yoga with all ages with a special interest in trauma sensitive practices and wellness programs for youth. Jasmine’s drive to write, develop and facilitate well-being programs flows from the place of how she can help create positive change. From this awareness, meaning and service, Jasmine has built a life fueled by love and intention, and one which flows with inner fulfillment. 


Currently, and over the past 15 years in Australia, Jasmine’s work has been commUNITY based under her business umbrella of Sundalah. 

Through her passion of uniting people via health, wisdom & inspiration, Jasmine's work rotates between teaching wellness classes for all ages, organising events, providing a monthly community newsletter, a local wellness directory and an annual magazine.

Jasmine’s community event efforts also founded, supported and sponsored the NFP organisation Yoga Tools For Schools Inc.,  

Jasmine is currently involved in various mental health initiatives and is the creator of R.E.S.E.T for Youth, a free community program for teens aged 11-17yrs.


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Soon Jasmine will be launching some new offerings for those seeking more personal focus on health, wisdom & inspiration in daily life.

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The 2020 Sundalah CommUNITY Magazine will circulate from August through December as a hard copy in Townsville and also online through global networks.

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Testimonials for Jasmine & her Sundalah CommUNITY



An inclusive community created by the lovely Jasmine is a backbone of Townsville's social & community fabric! - SF

The Sundalah Community that Jasmine has created is truly nurturing and inclusive. I love being involved with the events that happen throughout the year. - RF

Gorgeous community led by Jasmine who Townsville could not live without now.....keep up your wonderful work ! - KH



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