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Kristie Hammond - Replay

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Kristie is a skilled intuitive energy healer
who also offers guidance through coaching.

If you have issues or repeating patterns you're tired of,
If what you really want keeps eluding you and you're not sure why, 
If you're stuck in the areas of 
relationships, abundance, confidence or empowerment;
then Kristie can help you.

Kristie has a particular expertise in seeing where a client has blocks to what they truly desire 
and  provides guidance and energetic support in assisting clients
to free themselves from the limiting effects, that these blocks create in their life.


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Testimonials for Kristie

Hi just wanted to give Kristie a review.  
I met Kristie around 6 months ago due to some negative energy that I needed clearing from the house I’m renting. I was surprised at how quickly she knew where to go to find this energy when she arrived at the property.  The effects that the clearing had were noticeable within 24 hours and she also did some work on me while she was here which was a pleasant surprise.
I felt her incredible energy straight away as she performed her work. 
I recently had her over again  to do some more healing work on me and can say without doubt that her natural ability to move through / cleanse chakras and see what is internally creating blockages and assisting me with cord cutting etc has to be experienced.
I did go through a body mind adjusting period for around 10 days after which,  as I’m told is never the most pleasant  experience,  as the body needs to adjust, however it was worth every ounce of “suffering “ because it had led me to the next level of my journey. I have had such a profound personal experience that I’ve decided to take the next step to embark on a mentoring journey with Kristie which I plan to gain the basic skills to carry on the journey of self discovery and spiritual healing and health. 
I would recommend Kristie to all who have a need for healing help and assistance in understanding how the process works. 

Thanks.  -  Jamie Banks 


Could not recommend Kristie and what she does enough. She is so warm and doesn't make you feel unwelcome whilst working. I have done a few sessions with her and the change in my emotional and physical state I have is unreal. She is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and genuinely wants to help people.

- Tynelle Edgerton


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