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Miriam Blaker - Replay

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Miriam is a wonder lusting woman, passionate about life and about
exploring the world around her. 


Having always loved writing and photography, today she’s combining her passions and living her dreams as a freelance travel writer. 

As well as contributing regularly to leading Australian travel magazines she also has her own column and website. 

Miriams’ passion in life, is inspiring others to get out and travel and to see the bigger picture in life.
She is a big believer in living life to the full and going for our dreams.

Nothing is ever unattainable and Miriams’ philosophy is that we all have the ability to make this life the best we can by changing our perception
and turning those ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.


If you’d like to join Miriam on a journey of self-discovery and venture out and about together,
it’s free to sign up to Miriams’ website where you’ll find her beautiful blog. 


The blog is a combination of travel/photography/destination
and inspirational lifestyle and well-being. 


Miriams’ philosophy is about living authentically and mindfully in the present moment. 

In her writing she showcases snippets of Australia that you might not know about, intertwining her stories with deeper messages. 

Miriam has recently created a beautiful photo book based on her month long mindful journey in May 2020. Her book is an inspirational combination of words and pics that capture the hope and beauty of nature in these challenging times. A Mindful Month will be available on her website shortly for new subscribers.

You will also receive more offers and news down the track, while keeping up to date with all her fabulous posts. :)


Link to sign up to her wonderful blog : outanabout

To connect on social media

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/outanaboutblog/

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Testimonials for Miriam


Are you looking for a consistently uplifting, thought-provoking, and inspiring travel blog with an exciting, fresh, and conscious perspective and an authentic spirit of freedom and adventure? Then, pinky-promise, look no further than Miriam´s blog “Out and About”!
It´s honestly one of my favorite go-to sources for instant feel-good vibes as well as beautiful reflections and musings full of wisdom and fun.
Miriam manages to take me on amazing adventures around Australia´s incredible natural gems with every single post and makes me feel like I am right there with her!
Time spent reading her blog and connecting with her is truly time well spent. She is a simply extraordinary travel writer, human being, and thought leader!
Head to
https://outanabout.com and see for yourself what Miriam´s magic is all about:)

Maria Elena  www.agypsyatheart.com


I came across Miriam’s blog a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.

She is one of those writers that manages to captivate and inspire with every word.

When she writes about destinations I feel like I am there, experiencing it with her. Her other articles and Instagram posts always have a way of resonating with me and where I am in my life.

I honestly look forward to every post and blog. Thank you for always inspiring me Miriam.

 Cath Webb - Free to Wonder


I have been inspired, educated, and uplifted by Miriam’s blog, magazine articles, and Instagram account since the day we connected on the WordPress blogging platform many years ago.
Not only does Miriam have a gift for documenting the human experience in full technicolor in both photography and writing. She takes it one octave higher with her ability to connect with her followers around the world. This is what instantly drew me in.
Miriam has thousands of followers on her
https://outanabout.com/ blog. Thousands!
Yet she manages to make each person feel like an individual part of her story, of her adventure, of her Australian landscape. For this and so much more, I am honoured to write this testimonial about Miriam’s writing and reach. Because most of all: she walks the talk. “Shining Peace, Positivity, and Light” everywhere she goes.

Andrea - DrAndreaDinardo.com

Vivienne Hunter
Transformational Coach,
Meditations & Mindfulness 
Speaker Writer Poet

Owner Founder
Life As You Choose It
Qld. Australia
ABN: 56375020800