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Molly Murray - Replay

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Molly Murray | Healing Creativity Magic is a trauma survivor,
a chronic warrior, a writer and a healer.

Molly is the author of  Today, She Is  (Wipf & Stock, 2014),
an account of her recovery from a severe TBI.  She is the Outdoor Editor of Panorama: the Journal of Intelligent Travel. Her pieces have been published widely, including by Litro, Ruminate, and Third Wednesday; one of her poems was nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize.

Molly manifested healing naturally from a severe pain disease as well as a severe TBI, and she is currently creating The Healing Bootcamp, a course to guide individuals to break the cycle of trauma and make the leap from surviving to thriving with chronic illness.


Molly posts healing, magic and creativity on Instagram and would love to meet you!

Please join her here: @exlibrismollymurray



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Testimonials for Molly


Thanks for being the story I needed to hear when I was in a difficult spot.    - Annie


A source of limitless hope.     - Jacqueline


Molly shares the struggle and grace to recapture hope, beauty, and herself.     - Paul


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