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Salem Islas-Madlo - Replay

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Salem is a Xicana poet, writer, educator, speaker & coach whose story bridges a divide between two different worlds leading down a path into a deep wild wholeness.
She has the sacred honor and privilege to draw from a rich, indigenous heritage of Yaqui lineage entwined with Germanic/Spanish European roots as a Mexican-American.

The dignity this human experience has brought into her life allows Salem to honor her ancestral truths and reclaim the freedom and sovereignty of her deep wild spirit back into a celebration of life and beauty.

She has been living on the outskirts of Vienna, Austria with her two children and cats since 1999.

Her academic background is in art therapy, while holding a BA in communication disorders and a Masters of education at the same time.

Compassion continues to be an integral part of Salem’s mindfulness practice and meditation which is deeply ingrained in both her personal and professional vision for living life.

As an Intuitive and Creative Life Coach at Deep Wild Coaching, Salem supports women to trust the gift of their presence so they open to their own innate wisdom and creative power to embrace a life where their natural rhythms can thrive and flourish alongside the cycles of Mother Earth.  


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Salems' Special Offer 

Salem works with women and femmes who are awakening to the gift of their presence.

Whether you are stepping into personal transformation, going through a life transition or simply want to connect more with your intuition and creative power Salem will hold space for you.
She supports you to lean into the wholeness of your emotional truth, intuitive wisdom, and instinctual self-belief.


Salem is offering listeners
the opportunity to sign up for her Postcards from the Deep Wild
with the bonus
of free access to The Secret Garden, which is a hidden space on her website,
Deep Wild Coaching,
once it launches on September 18th. 

It is a space filled with poetry to kindle your inner beauty and creativity,
meditations to connect you to your own deep wild essence,
seasonal nature desk-tops to bring you back into connection with the Great Mother,
articles to guide you deeper into your own innate wisdom,
and inspirational quotes combined with Salems' gorgeous with her photography,
to help spark the embers of your awareness and intelligence.


For free access to The Secret Garden
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Testimonials for Salem

Salem was an answer to a prayer.

Working with her took me deeper, delving into life’s liminal spaces in a way that was equally cherished and systematic.  She spoke my language and created an environment that was sacred. I felt that she expected me to succeed and began to manifest dreams without having to do anything.  As we focused on inner work and healing, a sense of ease rose up and I began to realize what a powerful inner resource I had at my finger tips.

Our time together really broke me open in a way that I had been longing for and our sessions were much more than I expected. I feel so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with this Goddess.

Chanda Rule, Singer, Storyteller, Joy Spreader - http://www.chandarule.com

Salem showed me how to tap into my own creativity and intuition, using her deep ancestral wisdom and embracing presence. I knew her coaching was what I needed, and after our first session together I already saw the benefits.

One of the biggest changes I’ve witnessed in myself through working with Salem was how much I allowed myself to let go and live more. I tend to get very staunch in how I do things, even bordering on unhealthy forms of perfectionism. With Salem’s support, I started accomplishing more of what I wanted in a more balanced and mindful way. 

Her coaching sessions were a life-changing experience for me. I highly recommend her, especially if you connect with her work and are looking for support on how to tap into your inner wisdom, and create a life that honors you.

Michelle Terese - michelleterese.com

Vivienne Hunter
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Meditations & Mindfulness 
Speaker Writer Poet

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