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Tiffany Bond - Replay

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Tiffany is a staunch and dedicated conservationist with a deep focus on keeping our earth and oceans clean.  She regularly spends time doing cleanups of our beaches and other public area as well.
Tiffany shares regular posts and messages via social media, encouraging more sustainable living including the use of re-usables as opposed to the waste of single use throwaways.

Tiffany encourages others to join her in her cleanups and I enjoyed doing this with her recently along with Kristie, who is the participant who you'll hear from on Day 7.

Tiffany also contacts and liases with council and other bodies, lobbying for improvements and informing where there is waste that she cannot remove alone, eg a recent find of tyres, (as in photo below) at a local beach which leak toxins into the earth and ocean.


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             Tiffanys' Charity of Choice  

                             Tiffany has chosen Sea Shepherd Australia
                                              as her charity of choice,
                  for anyone who feels so inclined to support via a donation. 


Sea Shepherd is a Non Profit marine conservation organisation who has been campaigning since 1977 to protect, defend and conserve the worlds’ oceans, their eco-systems and the marine life within them. 

They do this through education, activism, conservation and ocean clean up programs.

Tiffany has been inspired by them and has  admired their courage, determination and perseverance since she was a teenager. 

You can support their amazing work by going to 



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