A nine part interview series created to encourage
& inspire, heart focused choices & living. 
We discuss & honour, the power of following
our hearts & our dreams,
even when... 

We're so happy you've joined us :)

We hope you enjoy listening to these
powerful conversations as much as
we enjoyed co-creating them!

Replays Of All 9 Interviews 
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All doubt, despair, and fear become insignificant
once the intention of life becomes love..
~  Rumi  ~


To Listen To Jasmine Go Here

With - Jasmine Healy-Pag├ín 

Creating Unity through CommUnity
and Finding Health, Wisdom & Inspiration




To Listen To Kristie Go Here

With - Kristie Hammond

Clear Blocks & Stuck Patterns to Heal the Inner
& Free Up Your Outer World



To Listen To Jarryd Go Here

With - Jarryd Strecker 

Keeping the Dream Alive
Until it Could Be Achieved



To Listen To Tiffany Go Here

With - Tiffany Bond

Just A Small Change Regularly
Helps Clean Up Our Oceans & Earth



To Listen To Molly Go Here

With - Molly Murry

The Power of Honouring
Our Bodys' Wisdom When Healing


To Listen To Miriam Go Here

With - Miriam Blaker

The Adventure & The Richness of Life
with Travel Freelance Writing 



To Listen To Salem Go Here

With - Salem Islas-Madlo

Wisdom Through Intuition
Honouring  the Wisdom in Stillness & Silence



 To Listen To Alyssa Go Here 

With - Alyssa Herzinger

The Power of Our Voices
Allowing Expression of Our Voice & Inner Creativity


To Listen To Linda Go Here

With  - Linda Salazar

Transform With Knowledge & Love
Through Scientific Hand Analysis


When the songs of your heart starts singing
you should listen.
For it's harmony will bring you happiness..
and the melody is the voice of your true spirit.

~  Paulo Coelho  ~


Vivienne Hunter
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Meditations & Mindfulness 
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