A nine part interview series created to encourage
& inspire, heart focused choices & living. 
We discuss & honour, the power of following
our hearts & our dreams,
even when... 

We're so happy you've joined us :)

We hope you enjoy listening to these
powerful conversations as much as
we enjoyed co-creating them!

Replays Of All 9 Interviews 
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All doubt, despair, and fear become insignificant
once the intention of life becomes love..
~  Rumi  ~


To Listen To Jasmine Go Here

With - Jasmine Healy-Pag├ín 

Creating Unity through CommUnity
and Finding Health, Wisdom & Inspiration




To Listen To Jarryd Go Here

With - Jarryd Strecker 

Keeping the Dream Alive
Until it Could Be Achieved


To Listen To Miriam Go Here

With - Miriam Blaker

The Adventure & The Richness of Life
with Travel Freelance Writing 


To Listen To Linda Go Here

With  - Linda Salazar

Transform With Knowledge & Love
Through Scientific Hand Analysis



To Listen To Tiffany Go Here

With - Tiffany Bond

Just A Small Change Regularly
Helps Clean Up Our Oceans & Earth



To Listen To Salem Go Here

With - Salem Islas-Madlo

Wisdom Through Intuition
Honouring  the Wisdom in Stillness & Silence



To Listen To Kristie Go Here

With - Kristie Hammond

Clear Blocks & Stuck Patterns to Heal the Inner
& Free Up Your Outer World



To Listen To Molly Go Here

With - Molly Murry

The Power of Honouring
Our Bodys' Wisdom When Healing



 To Listen To Alyssa Go Here 

With - Alyssa Herzinger

The Power of Our Voices
Allowing Expression of Our Voice & Inner Creativity


When the songs of your heart starts singing
you should listen.
For it's harmony will bring you happiness..
and the melody is the voice of your true spirit.

~  Paulo Coelho  ~


Vivienne Hunter
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Meditations & Mindfulness 
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